Amenities & services

Modern facilities, clean restrooms and free HOT showers! Laundry facilities, game room, beach, various boat rentals, playground, horseshoe pit and of course, great fishing. 

Deep Lake offers some of the clearest, cleanest water for swimming. The videos on our home page were taken in mid-September and you can see that the water is clear even in late season, when most other lakes are thick with algae blooms. One dip and you will be hooked! 

We offer one of the nicer places to relax and enjoy a camping experience. We are open April 15th - October 15th. Overnight sites are available until October 10th. 

We offer various sundries for sale for once you arrive - ice cream, ice, wood, frozen pizza and various other offerings. 

Call 1.608.519.4671 for more information